What is your leadership style?

There are six different measurable styles of leadership. Your leadership style(s) is a combination of your traits, competencies, and values. Each of these six styles and approaches can be effective if you are aware of your style and how it empowers and limits your leadership.

In our 40 years of advising, training, and coaching leaders, we consistently hear leaders compare themselves to other leaders they admire, often in a harsh and shame-evoking manner. Or we hear leaders trying to avoid appearing to be like a leader whose style they didn’t appreciate.

Identifying your style and your unique leadership voice is far more productive than trying to become or avoid becoming like another leader.

How is the assessment different than all of the others?

This is a good and fair question. We are certified in over 13 different assessments and have personally taken just about every assessment you can imagine. Myers Briggs, StrengthFinders, Kolbe Index, DiSC Profile–each of them has some value. However, the most popular assessments have not been scientifically validated and are most often self-rated, meaning they only report results based on how you perceive yourself. Our assessment only takes 15 minutes to complete and is validated and benchmarked, meaning they measure what they say they are going to measure and are presented in relation to a larger sample size, which gives the data more practical relevance.

“What is your leadership philosophy? You must first find your authentic voice, the most genuine expression of who you are.

If you don’t find your voice, you’ll end up with a vocabulary that belongs to someone else, mouthing words written by some speechwriter or mimicking the language of some other leader who is nothing like you at all.

If the words you speak are not your own words but someone else’s, you will not, in the long term, be able to be consistent in word and deed. You will not have the integrity to lead.”

Leadership Challenge, 5th Edition

Learning your leadership style could not be easier!

You can complete your FREE assessment below and have a scientifically validated and benchmarked metric for the style of leadership that is most authentic to you! There is no catch and zero obligation. We want you to understand yourself better so you can ENJOY your leadership and life.




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