Next Level Leadership: Navigating the Dramatic Changes Coming in the 2020s

Next Level Leadership

Navigating the Dramatic Changes Coming in the 2020s

In today’s chaotic times, strong leadership is needed more than ever – at all levels of companies, organizations, and our government.

But the events of the past few years have exposed some of the flaws of past leadership models. From over a decade of research – including how technology and AI are affecting us and our workplaces – we’ve uncovered the data that supports the new relational style of leadership that is necessary to lead in a mid-market company in the 2020s.


About Next Level Leadership


The pandemic of 2020 was not a black swan event that wreaked havoc on the United States.

It was simply a spark that ignited conflict that has been building over the past 13 years. Some are calling this year the start of our “great awakening,” where societal views, social systems, governmental systems and business systems are all being challenged and re-engineered.

That includes leadership.

While leadership is a tired discussion amongst many executive teams, these events have exposed some of the flaws of past leadership models which recognized and rewarded:

  • workaholism
  • dysfunctional interpersonal relationships
  • imbalanced notions of work-life balance
  • several other occupational hazards that threaten leaders and their teams

What You’ll Learn

If you study historical technology disruption cycles and their impact on society and peoples’ lives, a pattern emerges that explains what is happening today and gives clues to what we can expect over the next decade.

In the book we identify and explain the force multipliers of what the world is feeling today, share more about the dramatic changes coming our way, and most importantly, explain how the previous roadmaps for leadership training have been exposed, and how mid-market company leaders will need to think and act to succeed in the 2020s and into the next decade.

In the book you will understand:

  • The main drivers of our conflict today
  • How technology and AI have accelerated this conflict
  • The flaws of traditional leadership models
  • A new relational style of leadership
  • How to use it to unlock the greatest technology in your company – your people

Next Level Leadership is a 60-minute read wherein we provide a perspective of what is occurring in the marketplace now, and more importantly, what this means to you, your business, your team and your leadership style — today and over the next decade.


Who It’s For

Next Level Leadership is not about achieving a position, it’s a new method of leading that can happen at any level of the company, regardless of title or position, so this book is for any current or aspiring business leaders. Next Level Leadership is a new way of thinking and acting that creates higher career arcs, while also creating better companies for owners and stakeholders.



“What a tremendous experience to go through the Next Level Leadership work! From day one I was blown away with the amount of knowledge Ken and Shad brought to us from their experience in the CEO world. They taught how to identify and maintain critical values for your company and how to create a competitive advantage as a leader. I am so grateful to have been a part of this year-long experience.”

Jason Woods
Branch Manager, Community Mortgage

“I had never done an in-depth leadership study like the Next Level Leadership program. I quickly discovered that many of my peers go thru the same daily challenges and moments of self-doubt that I do. The work is well-structured, seamless, and each one builds upon the previous one. I strongly recommend the Next Level Leadership work for any leader who wants to relate more effectively to those they lead.”

Stephen Bramlitt
Executive Vice President of Operations, Confluent Strategies

“The development of awareness and intentionality can be the most gratifying, empowering, and fearful challenge we take on as leaders. Relational leadership is pivotal to our emotional health and ability to inspire commitment from others. The tools and information taught in The Next Level Leadership have the power to change your life and perspective. It teaches you to inspire those around you, to control that relationship killer we call ego, and develop the peace and productivity that only unity of team can provide. Do not pass up the challenge of learning steps to the Next Level Leadership.”

John Q. Hite
Vice President , Bryce Corporation

“True leaders are in a constant state of refinement personally and professionally, while also carrying the weight of their many responsibilities. The insights that Ken and Shad have incorporated into this Next Level Leadership system have allowed me to reflect on my own internal struggles, to connect with and embrace the feelings and emotions that affect my daily decisions. Business leaders at all phases of their career development would benefit from understanding and applying the knowledge shared by Ken and Shad. It has definitely helped me to grow as a leader in constant refinement in our changing business world.”

Chris Fussell
Vice President / Chief Operating Officer, F.S. Sperry Company




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