Ideal Customer Profile Development

In today’s digital age, targeting the right potential customers improves the performance of B2B sales and marketing teams. Your best customers typically have a long lifetime value and have the lowest acquisition cost.

Modern sales and market teams define their ideal customer profiles – a granular description of a fictitious account that gets significant value from your product or service – and use data to target their efforts on acquiring these customers.

Companies using defined ICPs can score targeting data to increase sales conversion rates and reduce customer acquisition costs.

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Our Approach

Analytics, data and artificial intelligence are reshaping how many companies uncover their ideal customer profile.

We’ll analyze your customers and create scoring algorithms based on attributes about your best customers. This data-driven intelligence will then be applied to external market data to provide you with new, higher quality targets for your sales and marketing team.

“What a tremendous experience to go through the Next Level Leadership work! From day one I was blown away with the amount of knowledge Ken and Shad brought to us from their experience in the CEO world. They taught how to identify and maintain critical values for your company and how to create a competitive advantage as a leader. I am so grateful to have been a part of this year-long experience.”

Jason Woods
Branch Manager, Community Mortgage

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