The Difference in the Way People Talk About Failure

Below is my 3-minute introduction at the October LPBC meeting, which addresses 2 different types of failure. Here’s the quick summary.

There are 2 ways that people classify failure:

#1 – “I am a failure.”

#2 – “I have failed three times.”

There’s a significant difference between the two. One implies a failure of commission – someone did something wrong. Enron and WorldCom are examples.

The other implies a failure of omission – failure without any intent.

While you can’t predict failure by commission, you can definitely see the signs of failure by omission.

There are 3 specific signs that occur in your business or in your life that can predict failure by omission. You can determine when failure is coming if you’re paying attention.

  • If one exists, you’ll probably know it.
  • If two exist, you’re critical.
  • If three exist, you have set a date for your demise.

Connect with me if you’d like to discuss the signs.




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