Introducing Our New Book: Next Level Leadership – Navigating the Dramatic Changes Coming in the 2020s

Has 2020 been a crazy year or what?

Everything – from societal views to governmental and business systems are being re-engineered. It’s an incredibly challenging time for leaders in small to mid-market companies.

The good news is there’s a method to the madness. If you study historical technology disruption cycles and their impact on society and peoples’ lives, a pattern emerges that explains what is happening today and gives clues to what we can expect over the next decade.

As a leader in mid-market company, are you curious to learn more about the following?

  • The main drivers of our conflict today
  • How technology and AI have accelerated this conflict
  • The flaws of traditional leadership models
  • A new relational style of leadership
  • How to use it to unlock the greatest technology in your company – your people

If so, we invite you to learn more in our new book, Next Level Leadership – Navigating the Dramatic Changes Coming in the 2020s.

While leadership is a tired discussion amongst many executive teams, these events have exposed some of the flaws of past leadership models which recognized and rewarded

  • workaholism
  • chronic anxiety
  • dysfunctional interpersonal relationships
  • imbalanced notions of work-life balance
  • several other occupational hazards that threaten leaders, their health and their teams

In the book we identify and explain the force multipliers of what the world is feeling today, share more about the dramatic changes coming our way, and most importantly, explain how the previous roadmaps for leadership training have been exposed, and how mid-market company leaders will need to think and act to succeed in the 2020s.

Next Level Leadership is a 60-minute read wherein we provide a perspective of what is occurring in the marketplace now, and more importantly, what this means to you, your business, your team and your leadership style — today and over the next decade.

Download your copy here:

Next Leadership – Navigating the Dramatic Changes Coming in the 2020s.




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