Slowing Down to Speed Up

Feeling “stuck” is a fairly common experience in the life of a leader, and for a good reason.

The number of decisions, opportunities, priorities, risks, and relationships to be managed at any given time can be overwhelming.

This reality can lead many of us toward a pattern of over-functioning to catch up or get ahead. Of course, there are seasons when this is required, but it often becomes the norm and can leave you feeling exasperated and even unmotivated.

Trying harder and doing more is not always the answer to moving toward your goals. Hard work will always be necessary, but it doesn’t always need to be the back-breaking and disconnected kind.

In a world as complicated and interconnected as ours, it is necessary to slow down to speed up. And slowing down almost always means deeper connection, clarity, and an increased presence. This allows you to see the real issues at hand, organize your efforts, and accomplish more as a team.

As another executive put it, “whatever time you may lose in decision making, you gain in execution.”

Next Level Leadership creates a space that allows you to slow down and zoom out. But unfortunately, it takes a great deal of intentionality and discipline to make the space needed to slow down long enough to see what answers may emerge.

Next Level will provide you with the space needed, and it will also surround you with others who are seeking to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others through their work.

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