The Edmundson Group Expands Strategic Marketing Offering for SME Leaders

The Edmundson Group has expanded our offerings for mid-market company leaders by acquiring the powerful marketing tools from Qlutch Marketing, Inc. This includes the Brand Strategy Toolkit from Marketing MO and over 400 plans for marketing projects from Qlutch.


qlutch-logoWhile the Edmundson Group has worked closely with Qlutch Marketing since 2006, using its strategic marketing tools and having clients work directly with Qlutch co-founder and Edmundson Group partner Jim Sagar, the acquisition will give Edmundson Group clients expanded access to the powerful tools and intellectual capital.

marketing-mo-logoThe Brand Strategy Toolkit at delivers hands-on guidance for creating a comprehensive strategy for a brand – whether it’s a company brand or a product or service. This important element of strategic marketing is often overlooked in the small to mid-market enterprise or delegated to tactical marketers who aren’t stakeholders in the brand. The toolkit contains the framework used by marketing agencies and the Fortune 1000 marketing leaders, but in a format for the SME leadership team.

Brand strategy has been amplified in today’s environment, wherein social and political agendas are brought into the boardroom and company leadership face marketing decisions that could galvanize or alienate customers, employees and distribution partners. The Brand Strategy Toolkit empowers leadership teams at SMEs answer to the questions, “What does your brand stand for? What is your brand known for? What is the experience your brand will deliver?”

While marketing leaders and agencies define brand strategies at the Fortune 1000 level, SMEs often allow the market to define their brand, or focus on tactical activities driven by digital marketers or sales team. While these can be effective short term, they can also create conflict. Many smaller agencies are in the business of selling deliverables – a new logo, a website or a digital campaign. This provides value, but brand stakeholders should understand how to guide them and approve their recommendations to ensure creative and campaigns reflect their strategic direction.

Stay tuned for more to come about accessing the Brand Strategy Toolkit.




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