The Peter Principle Still Applies

Things that grow change; as they change, what they need to keep growing changes.

This fact is just as true for companies and those who lead them as it is for the natural world.

It is also true that we don’t always know what we need because, as has been said, “we don’t know what we don’t know.”

Personal development must always outpace organizational expanse. It is a bit like managing pain after invasive surgery. You always want to be a step ahead of it with the proper medicine.

Next Level Leadership is carefully structured to offer you the tools and support you need right when you need them, wherever you are on your leadership journey so that you can keep paving the way for your company to thrive.

“The Peter Principle,” which states that people in a hierarchy tend to “rise to the level of their incompetence,” remains true.

There are many things we do not have any control over in the course of our life and leadership. However, investing in ourselves to develop a smart and healthy approach to leading and relating to others is not one of them.

We invite you to consider joining us for our 4th cohort of experienced and aspiring leaders seeking another level of competence and depth in a leadership style that values results and relationships.

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Ken Edmundson and Shad Berry
Co-Authors and Co-Creators of Next Level Leadership




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