Next Level Executive Development Program


40 years of powerful lessons from two experienced CEOs, Authors, Teachers, and Coaches

"To lead in the next decade you must be aligned and integrated with your people and with yourself."
Ken Edmundson

We created the Next Level program to fully equip senior level executives of mid-market companies for their highest potential level of responsibility and contribution to their organization and the people they lead.

The program is designed to train and transform high potential executives by providing them specific business and leadership insights, tools, knowledge, and the necessary emotional and relational intelligence to get results and enjoy their work. The process will also help them identify and overcome self-limiting personal styles and beliefs.

Program Details


12 months; 15 class sessions; 3.0 hours per class – classes will be scheduled around holidays, summer vacation schedules and providing ample time to complete assignments.


Executives will follow a curriculum designed to educate them in specific areas required of a mid-market organization executive who is aspiring to a higher position of leadership and management.


Some of the learning will bring deeper insights into their existing responsibilities, and some will be new to them, but essential for an executive of a mid-market company to master in preparation for more senior-level responsibility and contribution.


This is a master’s level course; the pace will be rapid, it will be a peer working group experience and participants will be expected to read a lot, attend and participate in all sessions, and be open and candid about their own experience and insights as a leader, while still maintaining the workload they currently carry with their job. No excuses!

Limited Spots Available

Each class is limited to 15 executives, and each participant must be recommended by their CEO.

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Next Level Leadership Testimonials


Ken Edmundson

Ken is a multi-level business thinker. He is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of the Edmundson Group, a firm recognized with unique skills in the development of business strategy, leadership and management training, financial measurement and marketing tools, as well as customized employee assessments for mid-market companies across a multitude of industries.

Ken’s 20+ years of experience as a business owner and CEO, coupled with his 20 years as a coach and trainer of executives, has given him keen insights and understanding as to how a person’s hard-wired DNA, their life script, belief system, education, relationships, values and experiences all factor into the results a person eventually gets from their career efforts. This program takes the best lessons from Ken’s 40 years of executive experience and puts it into a curriculum that will engage, teach, entertain, impact, and equip the executives who participate.

Ken is the author of: ShortTrack CEO: How Mid-Market CEOs Attain Their Personal Goals, Listen, You’re Trying to Tell You Something, and Teamwork: The Five Assurances of a Functioning Team.

Shad Berry

Shad is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Kardia Collective, a coaching, counseling, and consulting agency dedicated to helping people lead with courage, hope, and freedom. Shad has been integrally involved in the leadership of private and non-profit organizations. He has gained interest and gifting in the emotional and relational components of leadership and their impact on organizational health and sustainability.

Over the last twenty years, Shad has built, developed, and lead the successful teams in both the private and non-profit sectors that were not only defined by their results but the quality of relationships they shared. As a relationally driven leader himself, he aims to help leaders grow their capacity to build legitimate relationships with their team to improve the organizational health, operational efficiency, and mission success without compromising their emotional, mental, and familial health.

Our curriculum is organized into two key categories:


The Journey Out

How to Become Organizationally Smart

Knowledge of Self

Helping the executive to gain a deeper and more complete understanding of who they are and how they are wired to relate and perform. This includes their core communication style, high energy work areas, and low energy work areas through a series of highly validated assessments. What are their core areas of competency and what areas are going to require more focus and understanding for them to be successful? This will also include and understanding and embracing their limitations and the need for healthy boundaries, work-life balance, and team.


Knowledge of Techniques

The executive will be engaged in the study of leadership; finance; strategy; operational decision making; hiring and firing; team management; time management; team building; culture creation and direction; personal accountability and communication.


Knowledge of Tools

Application of specific products and tools essential for the senior executive of a mid-market organization to command, such as: 24 month rolling forecast; organizational culture development; financial decision making; time management; using assessments to coach others; and what an effective executive should be reading regularly.


The Journey In

How to Become Organizationally Healthy

Emotional Intelligence

Participating executives will grow their capacity to identify, feel, and take responsibility for their emotional state which will decrease anxiety, decrease stress, increase relational connectedness. All of which will enhance the capacity of the executive to sustainably lead the team with the hope and courage necessary to pursue and achieve big goals without sacrificing mental health.


Relational Integrity

Leadership is relationship. Emotional Intelligence is valuable if it strengthens relationships. Historical models of leadership have been based largely on manipulation, control fear and shame which have perpetuated a spirit of distrust and disunity between leaders and their teams. Participants will better understand how to lead in relationally oriented ways without compromising high standards and excellent work.


Integrated Leadership

Leadership has often been synonymous with workaholism, dysfunctional interpersonal relationships, imbalanced notions of work life balance, and several other occupational hazards that threaten leaders and their relationships. An integrated leader is characterized by humility, vulnerability, and passion. They recognize the vision is far bigger than they are, and they cannot do it alone. They model a willingness to ask for help and own their limitations. They are the first to take the responsibility for the impact of their actions or inactions and give their team the freedom to fail forward with the confidence that their relationship is not at stake.

Some of the learning will bring deeper insights into the executives existing responsibilities, and some will be new to them, but essential for an executive of a mid-market company to master in preparation for a more senior-level of responsibility, contribution and leadership.

Limited Spots Available

Each class is limited to 15 executives, and each participant must be recommended by their CEO.

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