Here are some of the assessments that we use with our clients. If we’ve asked you take a specific test, please select it below to get started.

What is your leadership style?

There are six different measurable styles of leadership. Your leadership style(s) is a combination of your traits, competencies, and values. Each of these six styles and approaches can be effective if you are aware of your style and how it empowers and limits your leadership.

In our 40 years of advising, training, and coaching leaders, we consistently hear leaders compare themselves to other leaders they admire, often in a harsh and shame-evoking manner. Or we hear leaders trying to avoid appearing to be like a leader whose style they didn’t appreciate.

Identifying your style and your unique leadership voice is far more productive than trying to become or avoid becoming like another leader.

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0

Too many of today’s human resource initiatives take a one-size-fits-all approach with their workforce, leaving many employees feeling misplaced and under-utilized. We are certified in the use of the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ which provides in-depth insights on all aspects of human resource optimization and workforce development. The results speak for themselves— low-to-minimal turnover, maximized engagement, and a measurable boost in individual performance for businesses and organizations. Easily completed in 15 minutes or less, the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ reveals an individual’s five personality supertraits and 23 subtraits that simply and clearly explain work-related behaviors found in day-to-day encounters with coworkers, employees, managers and colleagues. Using straightforward, digestible graphs and neutral, work-centric language, the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ provides the highest level of insight to participants and organizations.

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The PeopleBest Assessment

The PeopleBest assessment is a one-of-a-kind proprietary peopleDNA™ program, that leverages a scientifically validated research database across thousands of position segments to identify the behavioral traits common to the highest performers. The PeopleBest assessment combines company metrics and individual attributes to help pinpoint what applicants or team members, in what roles, can be motivated by what type of management, encouragement and compensation to help you and them achieve at the highest level for the longest period of time.

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The EQ-I 2.0

This validated assessment was designed by Multi-Health Systems. It’s the first scientifically validated and most widely used Emotional Intelligence assessment in the world. Based on more than 20 years of research worldwide, the EQ-I 2.0 examines your social and emotional strengths and weaknesses.

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The WorkPlace Motivators

This validated assessment uncovers your personal interests, attitudes, and values—the powerful motivating forces that drive behaviors. It’s a way to understand “what you really want.” It’s the “why” of what you do.

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Talent Insights®

The talent insights report will increase the understanding of the individual’s talents.  The report provides insight to three distinct areas: behavior, motivators and the integration of these. Understanding strengths and weaknesses in these areas will lead to the personal and professional development and a higher level of satisfaction in one’s work.

  • Behaviors – The ability to help one interact effectively with people.
  • Motivators – The why of one’s actions. What drives you to act.
  • Integrating Behaviors and Motivators – The how and why of your actions.

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This validated assessment analyzes behavioral styles; that is, your manner of doing things. Your behavior is a necessary and integral part of who you are. Some of it comes from “nature” (inherent), and some of it comes from “nurture” (your upbringing).

This report will measure four dimensions of normal behavior known as DISC:

  • How you respond to problems and challenges
  • How you influence others to your point of view
  • How you respond to the pace of the environment
  • How you respond to rules and procedures set by others

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Core values are the essential and enduring tenets that you use while making the most important decisions in your business and in your life. Typically, you’ll have four guiding values and three supporting values that are timeless guiding principles. Core values require no external justification; they have intrinsic value and importance to those around them, inside and outside the organization.

This assessment will help in guiding you in critical decisions and relationships.

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Organizational Culture

By applying the Denison Organizational Culture Survey, we’ll be able to benchmark your organizational culture scores against a global database and develop action plans to improve your current practices. This will deliver a complete cultural assessment of any specific team, group, division or department in your company.

The Denison Organizational Culture Model, which was created by Dr. Daniel Denison, a world-renowned expert in organizational psychology. The Denison model has increasingly become the cultural and organizational effectiveness assessment tool of choice. It has been used by more than 5,000 companies worldwide, including HP, NASA, jetBlue Airways, ABC Disney, Northrop Grumman, THAAD, RJ Reynolds, Pulte Homes and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

Ken Edmundson is certified as a Denison Organizational Culture Advisor.

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Partner’s Report

Partnerships have a predetermined life expectancy. For most, the expectancy of the partnership is 10 years or less.

If you’re in a partnership, do you know the potential risks and rewards of the partnership? The high energy/low energy areas? This assessment should be done for all business partners, even if they are husband and wife, to determine the life expectancy for that partnership.

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“What a tremendous experience to go through the Next Level Leadership work! From day one I was blown away with the amount of knowledge Ken and Shad brought to us from their experience in the CEO world. They taught how to identify and maintain critical values for your company and how to create a competitive advantage as a leader. I am so grateful to have been a part of this year-long experience.”

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