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This collection of inspiring quotes includes voices of wisdom, insights, and experience that have are meant to offer direction, inspiration, and motivation to readers from all walks of life.

Whether you are searching for guidance on your personal journey, desire spiritual insight and fulfillment, or seeking inspiration in your work and career, these quotes become portals to deeper truths, allowing us to look into the vastness of human wisdom unencumbered by the distractions of fame and reputation.

Next Level Leadership

Some are calling 2020 as the start of our “great awakening,” where societal views, social systems, governmental systems and business systems are all being challenged and re-engineered, perhaps never to return to what we once knew.

That includes leadership.

In the book we identify and explain the force multipliers of what the world is feeling today, share more about the dramatic changes coming our way, and most importantly, explain how the previous roadmaps for leadership education and leadership application have been exposed, and how mid-market company leaders will need to think and act to succeed in the 2020s.

ShortTrack CEO

This 162-page business book presents solutions for the common challenges that mid-market CEOs encounter.

Learn how to find the hidden numbers that tell you if your time, energy, risk and money are being invested wisely; increase the accuracy of your managing and hiring decisions to 80%; energize your people by creating a galvanizing culture; and win mindshare in the marketplace to build a competitive advantage and grow sales.


This book teaches a tool that you can use to gain truly workable insight into what is happening in your own head. It provides you with a means to clarify and streamline encounters and situations that might otherwise frustrate you and cause anxiety or anger.

You can use this tool to create your own unique and effective system of dealing with, counteracting or defusing situations or conversations that might normally interfere with the smooth progression of your business and personal life.


A team is only a team when it is functioning – when each member experiences no feelings of discomfort, and when each member has what I call The Five Assurances.

This book will show you how to identify your own feelings while working in a team environment and guide you to assessing those feelings to make sure you are comfortable with the team you are on, and, if you are not, to help you identify some ways to change that.

Applied Leadership

Read about my insights along with 9 other experts about what leadership really looks like in our office, around our dining room tables, and at our local civic clubs.

Conversations on Customer Service and Sales

Read about my approach for building a high-performance sales organization, including my 4 Laws of Overachieving Sales Organizations, which address recruiting, training, applying accountability, and managing the goals and motivations of the sales team.

Download your free copy of Next Level Leadership: Navigating the Dramatic Changes Coming in the 2020s.

“What a tremendous experience to go through the Next Level Leadership work! From day one I was blown away with the amount of knowledge Ken and Shad brought to us from their experience in the CEO world. They taught how to identify and maintain critical values for your company and how to create a competitive advantage as a leader. I am so grateful to have been a part of this year-long experience.”

Jason Woods
Branch Manager, Community Mortgage




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