Validating Your People

Have you ever asked yourself If I could just get my people aligned to my strategy, then everything will fall into place?

It’s a common challenge for CEOs of companies under $100 million in revenue. People can be the greatest asset of a small to midsize company. Or, they can be its greatest liability. If you don’t have the right people guiding your offering and your market penetration strategy, you’ll struggle to achieve your purpose and influence your market.

Why is this such a challenge? Humans are emotional, imperfect and often times irrational. When you hire them you expect one thing, yet their results are often completely different.

The good news is that in recent years psychologist have unravelled the complexities of human thinking, human decision-making and human emotions to a point where managing your people has shifted from an art to a science.

Mastering your people isn’t difficult; you just need to understand how to make the right decisions about your people and use the right tools to tell you who should be doing what within your company.

You have the ability to validate your people to align them to your strategy, though it’s almost impossible to accomplish without the right tools.

What tools are you using to validate your people?





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